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The Big Sipper


Origin: Los Naranjos, El Mirador, La Argentina, Huila, Colombia

Producer: Willington Ultengo

Process: Washed with 24 hour fermentation prior to de-pulping, and 24 hr open tank fermentation after de-pulping, dried on shaded covered beds.

Varieties: Caturra

Altitude: 1680 MASL

Importer: Shared Source

Roast: Medium

Notes: Field Berry, Clementine, Almond Marzipan, Cola, Milk Chocolate.

ah, the big sipper, our ideal every day drinker. This profile is designed to be medium in acidity, high in sweetness, and very crushable. Though the coffee may change in big sipper, the profile will always be focused on bringing you a clean, easy drinking cup of coffee.

This is our third coffee sourced for the big sipper, and we're super happy with it. This Cattura lot from Willington offers a lot of sweetness, coming across in big fruited notes, soft citrus, cola, almond marzipan, milk chocolate. This is our third time buying coffees with our friends at Shared Source, and they're an absolute joy to work with.

Willington & ASPROCAAR

Willington Ultengo is a Huila based coffee producer and leader of ASPROCAAR, a small association of productions in the municipality of La Argentina, made up of close to 40 group members now.

The group works together to market their coffee directly to an exporting buyer, and are encouraged having seen their friend and leader Willington sell differentiated coffee at a premium. The group is making great steps to transition towards fully organic agricultural practices. Shared Source has worked alongside ASPROCAAR since 2015, contributing money and equipment(on top of buying their lots at a premium) to their efforts of better and more sustainable (profitable too!) coffee producing!

Willington has high aspirations, and is blessed with a very healthy 7 acre farm, with typica, bourbon (including pink, orange and yellow), and caturra originally planted by his grandfather. Willington, his wife and daughter live on the farm with his parents. He has a very nice dry table allowing him to carefully process his coffee and differentiate his lots.

Los Naranjos, La Argentina

His farm Los Naranjos is located near the township of El Miridor, in the municipality of La Argentina(red in main picture), which lies in the department of Huila(red in small picture).

Western Huila has been missed by many private specialty buyers, but producers like Willington and Luz are bringing more and more attention to the area.

The Process

We see Willington do a similar practice to what we saw with Luz Dary Polo and her Caturra lot.

First he leaves his coffee cherries to ferment under controlled conditions for 24 hours (in sealed bags, a low-oxygen environment), before de-pulping them and leaving them to ferment for another 24 hours in an open tank before drying in that beautiful dryer under shade cloth.

I believe this process is KEY to the tasty cup I’m currently enjoying as I’m writing this. There is a ton of sweetness in this coffee.

Shared Source paid Willington Ultengo 2,950,000 pesos per carga of parchment for his caturra lot, about 40% above the going rate for Colombian Parchment.

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