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Wilton Benitez, Tabi, Double Anaerobic Thermal Shock, Colombia


Origin: Piendamó, Cauca, Colombia

Producer: Wilton Benitez

Farm: Granja Paraiso 92

Process: Double Anaerobic Thermal Shock

Varieties: Tabi

Elevation: 1950masl

Importer: Macarena Cafe

Roast: Medium-light

Notes: Golden Milk, Botanical, Mint Tea, Chocolate Milk

Transparency - $11.95CAD/lb + shipping



wot's potions?? POTIONS is our new sub-section of our coffee menu that will have primarily processed focus'd coffees, that are experimental, fun, and sometimes funky!

We're super excited to expand our buying into this area of the market, and bring you the fun tasty treats you've been asking for!

Who’s Wilton Benitez & Granja Paraiso 92

Wilton is a long time coffee grower, Q-grader, and coffee roaster. Focusing these passions into growing rare selective coffees, and experimenting with unique style of processing to bring out specific and beautiful flavours.

He owns and manages three farms, with Granja Paraiso 92 being the smallest at 5 hectares, which utilizes innovative farming techniques, has a full processing plant, microbiology lab, and quality lab on the property.

I had the privilege to join a cupping ran by Wilton while Jenn and I were in Chicago, and hearing him speak about his passion behind his growing and processing was truly inspiring. The man is a perfectionist with a ton of curiosity, and his coffees show off his unique take on this weird little beverage we all love.

So what’s going on with this coffee?

We're starting with a cherry grown by Wilton Benitez, Specifically a Tabi varietal.  Tabi is a varietal that was introduced to Colombia in 2002 to help maintain high-quality cup scores, while combating coffee leaf rust. Much like our lovely pups, when we mix multiple varietals together, they can take on each positives, and be more resistant to negative factors. Tabi is a hybrid varietal of Bourbon, Typical, and Timor.

As the mad scientist that Wilton is, he takes this coffee and elevates it with his unique processing skills. After his usually process of picking only ripe cherries, density sorting, and sterilization, he puts the coffee into an oxygen-free environment (usually stainless steel tanks) for 98 hours for its initial phase of fermentation.

After the initial fermentation, the coffee is de-pulped, and undergoes a second phase of anaerobic fermentation, before being washed using his signature thermal shock process, locking in all the fun and funky flavours brought on during the fermentation.

What’s in the cup?

When I said fun and funky, I meant fun and funky. This coffee is bonkers, honestly I (sonny) have never tasted a coffee like this before, and it doesn't taste like what we usually expect from a Wilton coffee.

You're first hit with an intense aromatic pop from the dry grinds of coconut, turmeric, ginger, and mint. As you brew those aromatics warm and expand, and make you think, what the heck is this?

In the cup the coffee is a unique mix of golden milk, big botanicals, a warming dried mint tea, and all rounded out with this amazing lactic body and sweet chocolate milk vibe(specifically baxters chocolate milk if you're a nova scotia homie).

At first I really didn't think I'd like this coffee, but I keep going back to it, playing with it in different brewing methods. I've been thoroughly enjoying it as a pour-over on my kalita wave, as an iced v60, aeropress, and boy does it slap you in the face as an espresso.

If you're into the weird stuff, this ones for you.

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