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Faiber Cordoba, Washed Yellow Colombia & Tabi, Colombia


Origin: El Tabor, San Agustin, Huila, Colombia

Producer: Faiber Cordoba

Farm: Los Naranjos (2 hectares)

Process: Washed

Varieties: 70% Yellow Colombia, 30% Tabi

Elevation: 1750-1800masl

Importer: Semilla & Monkaaba

Roast: Medium-light

Notes: Lemon Custard, Berries, Caramel

Farmgate paid to Orlando via Monkaaba - $2,500,000.00 Colombian Pesos / Carga (125kg parchment coffee)

Semilla’s FOB price : $3.52USD/lb exportable green coffee

our price - $4.70 usd/lb + shipping etc.

Faiber Cordoba : 

Who is Faiber Cordoba?

Faiber is a passionate producer, who similarly to other producers we've brought in from San Agustin, has spent the majority of their life growing coffee, only selling to commodity traders.

This has become more and more unsustainable for Faiber and his Family, as with the increasing need for disease control and expensive fertilizer, the cost of growing coffee has increased significantly, while the price paid for commodity coffee has not.

Faiber always had aspirations of producing his own micro-lots, and fortunately he was able to realize those dreams and sold his first self-named micro lot in 2021, and a fly-crop no less!

With amazing varietals planted such as Tabi, Gesha, Yellow Caturra, Typica, and Pink Bourbon, I think we'll see a lot more amazing coffee from him. 

Faiber has seen the opportunities in coffee now that he has reliable partners in Monkaaba and Semilla to work with, and that his coffee is desirable to roasters like us, and we're willing to pay good money for it!

He continues to work on improving his farm that he inherited from his father, replanting old crops, and investing in his and his family's knowledge. Faiber and his young son Carlitos cup weekly with Esnaider, tasting the coffee they grow and learning the effects they have on the coffee.

the now -

With over 24 years of experience growing, Faiber is working on renovating his farm, which started at mere 350 Colombia trees, to now over 6000 trees across many high quality varietals.

As those plants age we'll see more and more separated, high-quality lots from Faiber, and I can't wait to taste them!

If you wish to read more about Semilla, Monkaaba, and the work being done in Colombia, head over to their site!

"so, what does it taste like?"

This coffee is popping with a nice creamy lemon acidity, sweet berry notes, and nice caramel finish to even things out. It drinks super easy, and is perfect for a bright, clean pour-over, or a poppy espresso.

the details:

"Cherries are picked every 3 weeks when the reach peak ripeness. They are floated and hand selected to remove all immature cherries, and then are depulped the same day. The following days harvest undergoes the same steps, but is then mixed into the mass to create uniformity. The seeds thus undergo a dry ferment of approximately 36 hours, before being rinsed 4 times to remove excess mucilage, and then are left to drain in plastic bags for 15 hours. Once turned out onto raised beds, they are dried
for 25-30 days.."

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