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Pastor Ordoñez, Pink Bourbon, Washed, Colombia


Origin: Las Chinas, San Agustin, Huila, Colombia

Producer: Don Pastor Ordoñez

Farm: El Placer (4 hectares)

Process: Washed

Varieties: Pink Bourbon

Elevation: 1800masl

Importer: Semilla & Monkaaba

Roast: Medium-light

Notes: Guava, Floral, Blackberry, Honey

Farmgate paid to Pastor / Monkaaba - $3,000,000.00 Colombian Pesos / Carga (125kg parchment coffee)

Semilla’s FOB price : $3.76USD/lb exportable green coffee

our price - $5.55 usd/lb + shipping etc.

Don Pastor Ordoñez : 

We are beyond excited to have Pastor back on our menu for the third time! 

This man is incredible, he is a third generation coffee producer, tracing his family growing back to the earliest days of production in the area.

Now 50 years old, Pastor has spent his entire life since 18 years growing coffee, and has become a respected grower in the region.

He’s seen it all, and Esnaider of Monkaaba says Pastor often reminisce about the old days, and is nostalgic for simpler coffee growing times, when soil was better, and coffee tree diseases were less prominent.

Pastor works with Monkaaba, led by Esnaider Ortega-Gomez, a young producer from San Agustin, Huila. Semilla has LOTS written about their work with Monkaaba, so I’ll leave that in your hands if you with to read more.

"so, what does it taste like?"

Pastor's Pink Bourbon is one of my favourite coffees we've brought in ever, period. It is so balanced, cleanly fruited, with big floral aromatics & a silky honey like body. 

the details:


This Pink Bourbon comes out of San Agustin, a small town in the southern part of Huila, in southern Colombia. Here Don Pastor grows many varietals at his farm El Placer, which spans roughly 4 hectares.

Cherries are picked at peak ripeness, then left for 8 hours in sealed bags before being placed in the hopper and left for another 12 hours.

The cherries are then released through the depulper and left to dry ferment for 36 hours. The coffee is then washed 3-5 times and moved directly to raised drying beds.

The coffee dries for between 18 days to one month, depending on the sun exposure. When the sun is very strong, a sliding roof is moved over to give more shade and slow drying.


Shortly after we bought Pastor's Pink Bourbon last year, we got news from Semilla that him and his family were victim to an armed robbery, where their car was stolen, and their son taken briefly as a hostage.

This obviously left them shaken, and financially vulnerable. Via Semilla we were able to send a small cash donation to assist in helping get resettled. And agreed to continue to buy Pastor's coffee when it became available.

Happy to say Pastor and his family are doing well, and we're excited to be able to represent such a legendary producer on our menu again. We also had the opportunity to send him some of his own coffee via Esnaider and Didier from Monkaaba when they came up to Montreal to visit Semilla, what a great experience that was!

Furthermore, we'll be in San Agustin in July and get to visit with Pastor and other producers that we work with there! Can't wait to see his beautiful farm and hear more from him directly.


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