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Jorge Rojas, Honey-Natural Bourbon, Colombia


Origin: Planadas, Tolima, Colombia

Producer: Jorge Rojas

Farm: Finca El Jardin (3 Hectares)

Process: Honey

Varieties: Red & Yellow Bourbon

Elevation: 1857 MASL

Importer: The Coffee Quest

Roast: Light-Medium

Notes: Peach Oolong tea, Grape, Pinot Gris, Cocoa

Transparency - $3,000,00/carga farmgate (paid directly to Jorge), $4.79 is Coffee Quests FOB.

our price - $5.60 usd/lb + shipping etc.

Jorge Rojas : 

Jorge Rojas? who's this Jorge Rojas?

Jorge is a 4th generational coffee farmer who is a creative and innovative coffee producer. Having first entered the specialty market in 2016, he strives to improve the quality of his coffee year after year. 

From the township of Planadas, Jorge grew up on his family's farm, learning the trade from his Mother. As he came of age he inherited a part of his father's farm, and had the opportunity to purchase land from his neighbour, which is now his farm Finca El Jardin.

Here he grows a large variety of coffee, with plenty of fun high-quality varietals like wush wush and geisha! This particular lot if a blend of his Red & Yellow Bourbon, that is processed in his own unique honey style of processing.

the details:

Like all good coffees, this process begins with the picking of only ripe cherries, and a culling of unfit cherries by hand. The cherries are then placed in sealed tanks for a 72-hours anaerobic primary fermentation. The coffee is then de-pulped, put back in the same tanks and is allowed a secondary fermentation for 38 hours.

Now, normally if this was a washed coffee at this point, well, you know, you'd wash it. but this is a HONEY, so Jorge leaves all that tasty sweet mucilage on the parchment, and allows he coffee to dry without washing.

 This style of drying, similar to natural processing, allows for the fruit to remain in contact longer and imparts more fruity intense flavours to the coffee. This in addition to the 72hr anaerobic fermentation, makes this coffee insanely poppy!

"so, what does it taste like?"

a big aromatic bourbon, this coffee hits you with so many different flavours its hard to pin down, but we did our best. Sweet fruited peach oolong tea, soft fermentation reminiscent of drinking a cool glass of Pinot Gris, with lots of fresh green grape acidity, and then it's all rounded out by this lovely rich cocoa / dark chocolate(think like fancy single origin dark chocolate) that is just lovely!

Truly this coffee is a treat, and a honey I can get behind!


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